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Water Solutions
Dear Sergey Vasilyuk,

We are launching the new version (1.82) of our design software WAVE and wanted you to be the first to know.

WAVE (Water Application Value Engine) is the DuPont Water Solutions integrated expert modeling software which includes the broadest multi-tech solutions - Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange Resins and now incorporates the Desalitech™ SOAR CCRO. It is both fast and accurate to use, allowing you to design systems and simulate installations performance in just a few clicks.

You can enjoy the simplicity of the closed-circuit design together with the superior performance of FilmTec™ SOAR membranes, specifically optimized for CCRO systems. With this new version of DuPont’s simulation software, you now have the ability to design and iterate CCRO performance using the same drag and drop capabilities of the existing WAVE simulation software. The sizing is as simple as choosing the membrane, adjusting the number of pressure vessels until your desired flux is reached and entering the pass average recovery rate!

Learn how to design a Desalitech™ CCRO system in WAVE. Watch our on-demand webinars: In addition to the integration of Desalitech™ CCRO to this New 1.82 version of WAVE, we made significant improvements and included extra features:
  • New innovation products have been added to the product list.
  • FilmTec™ Fortilife™ CR-50 reverse osmosis element is the introductory product to the well-known Fortilife™ Family for selective regions. It is designed for long lifetime and provides reliable performance in fouling prone waters.
  • FilmTec™ Fortilife™ CR-200 reverse osmosis element, as the premium product to Fortilife™ Family launched in Greater China and coming soon to other regions, is an expertly designed contaminant resistant element for treating and recycling the combined challenge of biological and organic fouling prone waters.
  • FilmTec™ NF270-440 enables end-users to reduce CAPEX of NF systems for municipal drinking water projects by offering up to 10% more active membrane area. It also delivers more than 10% energy saving and improvement on biofouling resistance.
  • WQA (Water Quality Adjustment Factor) has been added. This icon allows to adjust the product water composition after UF, RO and IER.
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